A community for founders
to learn and grow together, facilitated by professional mentors and coaches.
We're partnered with moss venice for co-working and have a flagship Vision Coaching Program

Surround yourself with others who are also building the future

We're a group of active founders, investors, engineers, YC alum, exited founders, and everything in between. Whether you're just starting out or you run a multimillion dollar entity, we're the community for you.Everyone that is qualified is FREE to connect to our community

How to Connect with Us

FounderHouse Friend
Free For all Founders (must apply)
- Private Slack channel and event invitations
- Free co-working days

FounderHouse Visionary Coaching Program, starts May 1, 2024
$1500/yr Now $150/quarter

-1x/mo ‘Mastermind groups’ facilitator led
- Private Slack Channel
- 1x/mo Hike Club - IRL (in LA to start)
- Discounted access to partner events

Community that's aligned with you

The world needs more founders to solve hard problems, and we want to support you on your journey in an authentic manner
As a non-profit, we ensure that all decisions are sustainable, yet member and mission driven
Our members all embody this spirit as a community.

How it works

It's executive coaching and a mastermind group at 50X cheaper
than the competitors (Junto, Hampton, etc), created by venture backed founders, for venture backed founders.
For early-stage founders, a facilitated peer group is essential for accountability, goal alignment, and sharing the journey of a fast-growth startup.

Say Hello!

We'd love to meet you. Join and event, follow us on IG, or make an appointment to pop by the space. We're here for you.